Absolute Pure Undiluted Genius

There’s a young lady here in Casablanca. I guess that’s a bad way to start a story; as there are many young ladies here in Casablanca, but what makes this particular young lady an accomplice in this story is that she’s an American and, as myself, hungers daily for sushi.

Last night we went to this new sushi place, the fifth that we’ve found in this city. It was cheaper than all the others and the quality was much better. When they brough sashimi, it was like some sort of viking sashimi- a hamburger-sized slice of raw tuna. if I had 99 mouths, I would reserve 98 of them for eating tuna sashimi like this. The other one would be used for talking about how good it is.

But that’s not the genius. We met the owner, un bonehomme Francaise, and he was kind enough to send over some free sake. It came in, as it always does, little sake glasses. And when I gazed into the sake, I saw the image of a tiny naked lady. This isn’t unusual- the internet has burned such images directly onto my retinas- but the young lady with whom I was dining said she saw it also! Upon drinking the sake, however, the tiny nude strumpet vanished. “It’s magic!” Blurted my associate. I looked closer at the sake cup, bending forward so as to make use of even the very back parts of my eyes, and I saw that the bottom of the cup was a tiny plastic concave lens.

“No! It’s SCIENCE!” I declared.

They’ve developed a cup that uses the index of refraction of the liquid inside to re-focus an otherwise unseeably scattered image. Without the sake, the woman is all out of focus, but add some booze, and everything is made clear!

I am fascinated by this device and would also mention that it may be the first example, ever, of booze making things clear.


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