Predictions and Predilictions

Okay! So it is bright and early here in Morocco. Theoretically, in 15 minutes I will leave to do some compression testing of samples. Long have I waited for this day! It also means one of two things will happen: later today I will either post a blog called “woohoo” or “damn it all to hell.” So stay tuned!

On an unrelated note, the Lost season finale is tomorrow. I want to make a prediction that I’ve had for some time now just so that I can claim I called it if things turn out that way:

After returning to the frieghter following the atack by the defense system, we see Keamy strapping something to his arm. I at first thought it was some way to repulse the defense system. But then it turns out there’s a giant bomb on the frieghter. I dare to wager that the thing on Keamy’s arm is linked to the bomb, and if something happens to him the bomb will go off. My reasoning is that during their standoff, Captain Gault drew undue attention to it that could only be reasonable if the writers were setting up what I said above.

I also hope that the freaking ghost whisperer eats it, and eats it hard. And it would be nice to finally see what happened to Montand.


One Response to Predictions and Predilictions

  1. Holzerman says:

    The ghost whisperer is a dick. I’m with you, I hope he eats it.

    I hope Keamy eats it too. He’s a great villain, but not “Ben Linus-I hope he stays alive so I can see him awesomely fuck with those fucktards Jack and Locke” great. He’s more of a “makes me hate him so much that I hope he gets capped” great villain.

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