You Chose Option #2: Damn It All

This has been a less than awesome week. So, monday I go to get my internet dealie repaired. The guy says that although they got a new shipment in that morning, they are now out and that the closest possible replacements are an hours drive away.

Tuesday two young ladies that were taking flights back to the US came over and stayed at Fondooq Sakulich. They woke up at 4am to go to the airport. So at 8am i was at work and tired, but it was okay because I was going to do mechanical testing. I was gassed up for that but it turns out that my formulae are crappy. Not even that; poop would actually be a better building material. And the thing is that I had asked to do the testing three weeks ago… had it been done then I would have known and acted accordingly. Instead I made a ton of samples. So I’ve lost 3 weeks, in addition to making nearly 60 little cubes that can’t hold a cat’s weight.

So wednesday afternoon a professor reminds me that I’d agreed to go to an exposition. I thought it was at the university. It turns out that it’s in an exhibition hall near the mosque Hassan II, almost a 30 minute drive away. The professor says we’ve got to go there to get some badges and the like, and that he’ll drive me to my language class afterwards. Well, he was half right. Guess which half. Thats right! He drove us up there, saw a friend, and went off to lunch. So I caught a cab and managed to get him to the language class even though I dont know what the streetname is.

I went back home and my landlord called to drop off the TV that had been broken. She said it was fixed and that it would cost me 500 freaking dirhams. So I gave it to her and, while it will now turn on, it won’t recognise the satellite. 500 DH per channel seems a bit high.

Oh! And since I havent been reimbursed for class yet, I had to take like 400 dollars out of the bank to pay for the TV and rent. ARG I AM FRUSTRATED AND VERY ANGRY.


2 Responses to You Chose Option #2: Damn It All

  1. Alex M says:

    I feel for ya man…try this to cheer you up!

  2. Kathy says:


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