No Lie: Going to Flip Out

It turns out that I havent been getting research credit for my time in Morocco. So all of this research has not gone towards my degree! I am told and very much hope that some research credit can be added retroactively, but if not, I am perhaps going to go out of my mind.

That is all.


2 Responses to No Lie: Going to Flip Out

  1. Alex M says:

    ::Man-Acceptable Hug::
    ::Ya know, the one that’s more like a punch. In a “I feel bad for you and feel your pain but definitely do NOT want in your pants, or anywhere else for the matter.::

  2. sakulich says:

    The only man-acceptable hug comes from a woman. But thanks for the sentiment! I guess I should also use this time to more fully describe manliness and my relation to it:

    1) Men may only cry once during their life: on the day they are born. I did not cry the day I was born. I did, however, punch a doctor in the neck.
    2) Men may only feel two emotions: angry and hungry. Combinations thereof are allowed. Feeling ‘nothing’ is also allowed but there is a debate as to whether it should be included as an emotion.

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