He’s quite mad, you know.

Operation Startling Genius is a go! I called my landlord and told her I don’t need my apartment for august. She said there’s no problem! Wooooo! Since the university is closed in august, what would be the point in staying in Casablanca? Much better plan: roam the country going from shabby hotel to shabby hotel and finally get to see the cities I’ve wanted to while writing up my results and such.

The plan, starting 1 August: 4 Days in Cairo. 4 days in luxor. Return to Cairo for 2 days. 2 days in casablanca. 4 days in Fes. 3 days in meknes. 2 days in ifrane. 2 days in safi. 2 days in El Jeddida. 2 days in Essaouria. 3 days in tangier. 1 day in larache.

This plan is either full on hardcore genius or a disaster waiting to happen. Either way, look out Morocco!


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