Sweet Night

So last weekend I went to the shore here. It was sweet, but the sun was strong: I got tanned straight through my clothes. We also ate fresh fried sardines. A ten out of ten, I tell you!

But last night, it was a twenty out of ten! It was the 25th anniversary dinner for the MACECE, the group that organizes the fulbrights here in Morocco. They had a big fancy dinner, and I went. I was seated at a table next to a Saudi guy, and after telling him about my project (I just mentioned concrete and industrial waste) he said “Oh, have you heard that a research group in the US proved that the Pyramids are made of concrete?” Yes, in fact, I had heard that. Because it was my research group! It was my fly SEM skills that got us there.


Afterwards a bunch of us head to a bar. But there’s a cover and all that, so we try and find elsewhere to go. Walking along the Corniche, the oceanfront, someone sees a hotel with a rooftop restaurant, and asks if they are open. The guard says no. So then, while waiting for the ladies to choose a course of action, I chat with the guy in Arabic. He goes inside for a minute and then says we can go up to the bar. He reopened the bar because he enjoyed that I was trying to speak arabic!

Rock on. Woot woot woot.


2 Responses to Sweet Night

  1. AZ says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Holzerman says:

    Looks as if everything’s turning up Sakulich.

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