Many thanks to John, who was kind enough to host me in Fes this weekend. We went to the arms museum at Borj Nord, which was pretty sweet, ate some couscous (the owner gave us a 10 DH discount because I am “that other guy’s friend”, referring to Andrew) and he instilled in me the desire to make homemade beer.

But also sunday we went to Volubilis, farthest outpost of the roman empire. It was still as sweet as always, but it is shocking to see how much of it has not been excavated. Seriously, at least half of it is still under dirt! Why aren’t people digging like crazy? Fun sidenote: The Moroccan sun is so strong that you can actually get sunburnt through clothing.

Anyway, one thing that I saw this time that I had missed before is a stone penis decorating a house. The guides say it was to advertise a whorehouse, but archaeologists say it was likely a good luck doodad. Rhetorical question: Will photos of me pretending to have a two foot long stone wang ever stop being funny? Rhetorical answer: No.


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