Hemdulillah I have arrived safely in Italy. I actually arrived a few days ago. I am now in the town of Verona at an internet cafe, hence the stilted grammar, as the keyboard is strange. I have met a number of very friendly people, mostly Turks. I have also met some of the big names in my field.

Verona is absolutely gorgeous. The ugliest part of the city is still a thing of beauty, and they’ve got a sweet, sweet river here. Tonight I am going to see the Opera in the roman amphitheatre. Here is something only a nerd can appreciate: being here really really makes me want to play Civilization II.

Also, here are some quick observations about Italian society: everyone speaks english, every single person is constantly smoking, and both the men and women dress like prostitutes. If you are out buying groceries in the supermarket no, in fact, I do not need to see your thong underpants. Maybe living in Fes has made me more conservative, but it feels like a meat market over here. A girl walked by just a few minutes ago, and my first thought was “my, that’s a lean brisket.”

Much much much more to talk about, but this italian keyboard is infuriating me.


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