Actually, Very Nervous

So i got to Verona, and my debit card won’t work. I don’t think much of it, i just need to call the bank and get them to turn it on, I suppose. I mean, I am in a foreign country and all. So I call on a payphone, which devours change. This one call cost me 7 euro. “Sir,” said the woman on the other end, “perhaps the  problem is that there is only 59 dollars in the account?” I was so shocked at this that I fumbled putting the next coin in and we were disconnected.

So here’s what I get to do in Italy: play a rousing game of “the mystery of the disappearing several hundred dollars.” Oh! I also get to pinch pennies. I think what I got will propel me through, but I’m also on the verge of pooping in my pants.

Why is it that any time I travel outside of my country of residence, I end up stranded with very little cash? I am very angry with myself. But also confused. Where all the money went to?


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