A Note on Italian Reds

Ive had some run-ins with Italian reds. A few nights ago I had a bottle of what the refer to as “house wine” which was notable for the fact that it made my eyes bleed. But that’s not one of the Reds to which I am referring in the title of this post.

I’m talking about the commies.

The godless Bolshevik jerks arranged for a rail strike today, ONE OF ONLY TWO DAYS IN MY ENTIRE LIFE IVE NEEDED TO USE THE ITALIAN RAIL SYSTEM. But here’s what was notable: no one wanted to tell us about it. They just put up a sign that said “rail strike today” and closed all the windows. After sitting in line for 3 hours I managed to get a guy to sell me a ticket, and he promised the train would run. It did! But since every single person in Venice was on that train, it was packed solid. Oh! I also realized something : Italian is the ugliest language on the face of the earth. It has all the sounds I hate in Arabic with all the wild gesticulating I hate in Spanish. Ugh.

Oh, also, it rained last night when I was in Venice. Here’s an unpleasant experience : it raining in Venice. Anyway, more posts later. Praise be to God I have arrived safely in Milan, and am sitting at an internet cafe. Surprise! They have to photocopy your passport to use an internet cafe here. They say its for the terrorists, but I wonder.

PS – To summarize: Better dead than red.


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