Venice Retropsective

I had a number of adventures of the highest order while in Venice. In Verona I met an Israelite named Shay (pronounced Shy) who had a few days before his plane left so after the conference he tagged along with me to Venice. It was actually a lot of fun, he’s a great travelling comrade. Although, I kept telling him that we should meet upon the Rialto bridge, and he eventually got the joke (the joke involves Jews, The Rialto, and Shakespeare) and was unamused.

Unrelated note: The architecture of Venice is almost the same as the architecture of Fes. Except for the canals and all that. I took enough photos that when I return I plan to play a game called “morocco or Italy” and watch people not be able to tell the difference.

I don’t know what I expected from Venice. A city of mystery, I suppose, built in a most arcane way and harboring all of the legends and culture of the past. I do know what I got: the freaking epcot center. Seriously. Unless you’re hardcore about seeing the inside of churches, you can see everything you need to see in Venice by staying over one night. I swear the vibe I got there was exactly the same as I got in disneyworld… Piazza San Marco is like a roller coaster, and the neighborhood around it is just a bunch of souvenir shops for the roller coaster.

Also, the italians I met there are the least awesome people on the face of the earth. For instance, in a restaurant that did not have drinks on the menu, I ordered a can of coke without thinking. They charged me 5 Euro for it, then pulled out a second menu and insisted that I must have read it. Oh, those buttholes.

Anyway, now I am in Milan. It’s strange… it’s an actual city! It has the vibe of a philadelphia or a new york, if we stopped investing in infrastructure for ten years. Verona and Venice aren’t cities, so much as they are theme parks. Just a weird, weird, weird feeling.

But I am still happy that I did it. How many of you can say you ate a hotdog on the Rialto with an Israeli?


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