I am a world class dumbass

Yeah, it rhymes. That’s not important right now. So I decided to defrost my fridge today. This is actually quite an undertaking- after I’d removed 4 gallons of water that had previously been ice on the freezer, I stopped counting. Anyway, it’s taking forever, so I take a fork and start scraping away the ice. You know, speed the deal up.

Anyway, I punctured the [expletive deleted] line that CONTAINS THE REFRIGERANT. Two facts about refrigerant: one – it is poisonous. Two – it is highly pressurized.

I’m very very upset with myself. Not because I was mildly injured (seriously, it’s nothing, I’m fine) but because I MURDERED A REFRIGERATOR. If I were to go buy an electric car, it would take me 400 years to make up for the damage I’ve done to the environment, releasing all that refrigerant and turning an otherwise awesome refrigerator into a paperweight.

I should not be allowed to own property the [expletive deleted] end.


One Response to I am a world class dumbass

  1. Ed Anderson says:

    Actually, Freon or R134a (which the refrigerator refrigerant probably is) is pretty much non-toxic unless almost pure. So yeah, while the Environment now hates you for that, you’re not going to grow a third eye or superpowers. But yeah, cleaning a fridge with pointy things = bad idea.

    But, now just think of all the dirty electricity that fridge will no longer consume now that you’ve defeated it. You’re like, Captain Planet or something (except for the releasing of the greenhouse gas refrigerant). 😉

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