Civilization II

Cvilization II is a video game that was released in 1996. It scored fourth place on IGN’s list of the best games of all time, though this list included console games and Civ II was specifically for the PC. Want to know how good a game it is? It’s a turn-based strategy game that my sister likes playing. Unlike me, she is not a dork, and therefore is theoretically immune to such things.

I still play it, 12 years after it was released. I follow a simple plan: expand as much as possible during the darker ages, build railroads like a crazy person, and as soon as I discover robotics and can manufacture howitzer units, the game is over. Anyway, I’ve started playing it on the next-to-hardest level, and I have two complaints:

1 The computer opponents do nothing about pollution. The game is always going awesome, and then freaking global warming comes in and turns everything into a swamp. I hate hate hate hate global warming.

2 There comes a certain time when the name of the game becomes HEY GUYS LETS USE THE ATOM BOMB. I have never ever seen an AI so enthusiastic about dropping the big A on me. But it’s absolutely, ridiculously stupid: if the computer were to bomb my cities and then occupy them, it wouldnt be so bad. That would be a big challenge. I’d be down with that. But they just bomb the cities and then leave them there for me to come in and clean up the pollution.

Arg. It’s infuriating. It’s such a sweet game, but these two things drive me crazy about it. And I really wish I had brought the fantastic worlds kit, or whatever it was called, with me.

Your thoughts?


One Response to Civilization II

  1. Anthony says:

    “I’m sorry they’re flying so low and jamming your radar. But they’re trained to do it. You know, it’s initiative. I’m sure your entire air defense can stop a single plane.”

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