Lixus and Larache

Up on the coast there is a place called Larache. If you are anything like I am, you’ve heard of it- they’re building a huge new resort complex called Port Lixus there. Golf courses, private villas, the whole shebang. Anyway, I went there this weekend.

The entire ton is under construction. Every road and sidewalk have been torn up and are beeing rebuilt. I guess they’re whipping the joint into shape for the rich europeans that shall shortly descend upon the town en masse. It was sort of weird to be there at a point of such transformation.

They have two portguese fortresses and a tiny museum, all of which were closed, and nearby the ton, on a hilltop, are the ruins of a roman town called Lixus. It’s basically unexplored, no one has done any digging except for a limited number of spaniards during the colonial period and some vandals. It’s mind bogglnig to imagine how many relics and stuff must be buried there. Someone get me a shovel and another research grant, I’ma bring some science to the place.


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