Brains With Urgent Appointments

Good evening to your evenings.

I seem to recall a penny arcade comic wherein Tycho’s brain is unable to stand the absolute stupidness of the recent Die Hard movie, so it up and leaves. I felt quite the same way when watching The Transporter, or, as it is called in my version, Le Transporteur. What a crappy world of product placement and plot holes they’ve created for themselves. Ugh. THEY ARE STEALING TEH INTERNETS! Would be a step up on this movie.

On an unrelated note, I also recently watched a movie called Running on Karma. It’s by the same guy who directed a movie called My Left Eye Sees Ghosts. It was absolutely terrifying at first. For the first, say, 60% of the movie it’s as scary as Une Affair de Gout. And Elrond can attest to this: Une Affaire de Gout is like the  mafia have shown up in your brain and are rearranging the furniture.

Where did Running on Karma go wrong? I don’t know, perhaps it was when the main character realized that the person who murdered his best friend several years ago was himself from the future? And they both meet and have tea? And then himself from the future is arrested, but himself from the present just wanders off, completely re-writing the recent past?

Look, I’m tired of you people trying to bring a fresh look on time travel. Straight freaking line. No do-overs, dammit.

PS – Elrond, the Wetzel, Lisa: Fire up the intertube. We’ve got to find a copy of My Left Eye Sees Ghosts. Or as I like to think of it, R-Point II: S Point I.


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