Famous People I’ve Not Been

So, here’s my day in the Medina: Wake up. Have a loaf of bread and some “cheese sauce” for breakfast. Play a spot of Civilization II. Go to meet Rachid the tailor, as I am picking up a Djellaba for a certain special someone. (Surprise! It’s Elrond.) Return home and watch a Kung-Fu movie. Get a phone call from my grandmother?

Then it was eating time. So I left to go to my usual Maqooda guy. He’s all out. I stop at the mal’awi stand and the kid behind the counter says “Robert! I thought you were in the US! How is John?” I explain to him what the deal is. Then I pop across the street to chew the fat for a few minutes with my Couscous guy, the one who thinks I’m Andrew. Stroll down the street and, around the corner from my house, a kid swipes the hat out of my back pocket. I shout “Thief!” in Arabic and charge him. He’s so surprised he tosses it back to me. Ah well, kids will be kids. Well, they won’t be if they persist in swiping my headwear. Then they’ll be mulch.

Anyway, it’s really nice to just wander the medina qdiima stopping to chat with people I know. I feel like the Godfather, except that I have to pay for street food. (Though I get a discount on couscous because I bring people to him, and I pay half price for mqooda because I eat so much of it.)

Gravy me, I’m going to miss this place. And coke that doesn’t contain corn syrup.


3 Responses to Famous People I’ve Not Been

  1. Ed says:

    You know, they do still still sell Coke made with sugar and not corn syrup here in the US. It’s just hard to find.

    Now, is there an arabic word for “Don” ?

  2. Holzerman says:

    I drink Coke Zero because I have a weight problem.

    I miss real Coke šŸ˜¦

  3. Erin says:

    Speaking of missing Fes… when are you coming home? I really do want that answer.

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