It just can’t be easy

So I am in Rabat and my good man Nabil tells me the luggage allowance is 32 kils per bag, and we get two bags and a carry on. But then he appends that it may be 23 kilos. It is, in fact, 23 kilos. So I went to the post office. Sending a book to the US, just under a kilogramme, would be 200 DH, which is over 20 dollars. The guy at the customs thing says to send my concrete I need an attestation that it’s for research, but if a book is 200, concrete will me a lot more.

So I figure I will get an extra bag. According to the Royal Air Maroc website the charge for this is 200 dollars. And I don’t even know yet if I’m getting a connecting flight and will need to pay twice because the MACECE person in charge of flights is horrendous at teh emailz.

Arg arg arg arg arg shit just can’t go easy. Arg.


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