Happy 9th of September!

Okay, so I’m back in the US. Last night I moved the last of my stuff into my apartment, it’s just a question of getting it all situated now. I returned to my grad studentry yesterday, and so far it’s a big ol’ hassle. I’ve got paperwork out the patoot to fill out and no keys to labs or offices.

I’ve been sick as a dog for a few days now. Everything I eat leads me to a half hour on the john. Another day and I’m going to go get whatever the biggest antibiotic is. Amoxycilin’s just not rill enough.

I’ve heard the Arabic language guide I wrote might be published, electronically first and then in print, sometime in early 2009. That’s really all on the Morocco front. the question now is what do I do with this blag? My time in the Morocco is over. Well, I don’t really need to hurry to a decision, but I think I will keep commenting on the expat life, on things about Morocco and all that, just not as frequently.

Right now, I can say that returning is starting to feel stranger and stranger to me. I am getting sort of tired of that “hey, you’re back, how was it?” Conversation I have every time someone sees me. Also, I am terrified of spending money and I can’t figure out why. I keep speaking Arabic to waiters.

Ugh, got to go. Flooding in the basement.


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