Re: Readjustment

So, I think I am readjusting fairly well. I got over the being sick (after a week or so) and now I am back at work, trying to sort out one million tons of paperwork so that I can get back into my science groove. I’ve eaten a pretty good amount of chinese food (I love the orangey beefs, and had forgotten why we call it that) and had myself a fair number of pub nights. Plus one birthday party (mine), one birthday party (someone else’s) and one bachelor party (not mine, ahemdullilah.)

Anyway, there are some odd things that I guess I should mention. I was gone from Drexel’s campus for about 13 months, but when I went to the Chinese lunch truck, the woman there remembered me. When I walked past the lunch truck where I used to get soda all the time, the guy remembered me by name. “Hey Aaron! Long time! No see!” Communicating with the guy, a Cambodian, is about as easy for me as communicating with a Berber-speaking Moroccan, but I think he got the gist that I’d been away. Still: by name.

It’s not all been good times, though. A number of people have asked me if I ever saw any theives get their hands cut off while I was in Morocco. Dude… they don’t do that any more. They haven’t for a couple of hundred years. (Now, Saudi Arabia and Iran, on the other hand… actually, I don’t know. I just know I’ve heard people mention it, but I don’t specifically know from my own knowledge.)

There have also been a couple of people that asked me if I was scared. I said no, except for one time when I thought I was going to get mugged, but that was my fault (I should not have been in that area that late at night) and I was more concerned than scared, but anyway. Both people gave me a funny look and followed their question with “No… I mean, because they’re Arabs.”

Well. There that is, I guess.


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