The Hole in the Wall

So, I didn’t watch a lot of TV overseas. And what I did watch was old reruns of American shows that were being shown on the Dubai channel, but with all the kissing scenes cut out and any word involving “god” awkwardly silenced.

Anyway, I turn on the little TV set I have at my apartment, is has a 3 inch screen, and there’s a show called hole in the wall. In it, you have to stand in front of a pool of water as a giant foam wall comes flying at you, and you either fit through the hole or get thrown into the pool. On the episode I watched the teams were three dwarfs vs. three female body builders.

Remember the scene in Farenheit 451 where Guy goes to his wife’s house, and she’s watching a show with clowns in racecars that die in bloody crasahes, and he’s simultaenously disoriented and disgusted? Yeah, it’s like that. US TV got weird as hell while I was gone.


3 Responses to The Hole in the Wall

  1. Stephanie says:

    I wish you could blame US culture, but that one comes from Japan along with a bunch of other really weird physical competition shows.

  2. Ed Anderson says:

    Yep, it’s from Japan, the masters of programming that gives you that feeling. Oh, and it didn’t just happen while you were gone… I think it’s more the fact that you weren’t exposed to it for a year and then came back.

    Kind of like all the normal stuff we’re immune to but that gave you the unhappy stomach when you first got back.

  3. Stix says:

    On the upside, there’s a new X-Files-ish show with a pseudoscience twist — Fringe — that just started up on Fox. Reality TV and game shows, however, leave quite a bit to be desired (and for most of the former, you can and should blame US culture).

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