3id Mabrouk

December 9, 2008

So yes, I’m aware it’s been two months or so since I last updated. There’s not really been that much to say – this term I’ve been a TA for a class with 330 students, and trying to do my research, and helping other people, and tutoring undergrads, and… well, the point is, there’s been a lot going on.

Much to my distress, I’ve had but little time to work on the language textbook I’m writing. I mean, it’s pretty good, it already weighs in at a hefty 70 or so pages, but you know me. I have a compulsion. Those Saudi guys still call me every once in a while, looking for their friend Mohammed. And yesterday I recieved this text message:

“With petals of roses, palm full of holy water, light of sunshine, fragrence of flower, happy Eid to you 🙂 Best wishes, Salem Sroor Albagmi.”

I don’t know what that last line (salem sroor albagmi) means. Perhaps that is the gentleman’s name? The point is, although his words are a bit flowery for my taste, I second the sentiments! A Happy Eid Kbiir to everyone, especially all my Muslim friends from the Islamic Maghreb.

(Yesterday I proctored an early exam for some students. One was named Mohammed, and I asked where he was from. He said Kuwait, so I wished him a happy 3id. He laughed, and said it was today, not tomorrow, and then said “you too.” I wonder if he thinks I’m a muslim? Well, anyway.)

I can remember where I was exactly one (lunar calendar) year ago today. I was wandering the streets of southern Casablanca, looking for a place to live, living on sausage sandwiches and getting locked in the Hotel Arraha. It was good times.