The Return of the Marakablag

So. I’m bringing back the Marakablag. After 9 years of college, the same college I finally got my doctorate. Happily, I also got a job. Unhappily, it’s in Michigan. Well, I shouldn’t say unhappily. Everyone tells me the town is awesome. I’ve already my stuff up there and into an apartment, and it’s sweet. For the same price as a basement studio in philadelphia, I was able to get a proper, modern, 2-room place in Michigan.

Anyway. Some folks asked me to start the ol’ blags again, and I know some folks have the Marakablag saved as RSS or whatever, so I’m going to go for it.

I move the day after tomorrow. With Pennsylvania’s strict liquor laws, I think freewheeling Michigan might be about as strange at first as Morocco.


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