Ann Arbor Arrival

So, things seem to be set up pretty well here. Comcast was in on tuesday, and I went and got one of those wireless setups, so now I have internet access in the ‘office.’ I also went and bought a bed at Ikea. Fun fact: When the lady in the beds department says “just because you can afford it doesn’t mean it fits,” she’s not telling you you’re living beyond your means. She’s telling you the headboard won’t fit in your tiny car, and you will have to drive 30 MPH all the way home with it strapped to your trunk. In the rain. Well, that’s why I’ve got a bunch of bungie cords in my trunk, I guess.

I also went and got a TV. This whole thing is sort of weird to me. I went from sleeping on a couch and using my kitchen table as a desk in a crappy Philadelphia apartment to having a bed in an actual bedroom and owning reasonable things. I’ve gone from living like a hobo to living like an average member of society. It’s a strange transition. Does anyone know a good dry cleaner in Ann Arbor? Next thing I know, I’ll be needing to get my tophats cleaned.

Filled out all my paperwork, and I go to turn it in to-morrow. I guess then I will officially be a wolverine?

Oh. Another strange transition – people are nice up here. I was walking down the street and a man I didn’t know said good morning to me. I immediately reached for the screwdriver in my pocket, you know, because if I’m going to get mugged, I might as well make him work for it. But it turns out he didn’t want anything from me! I think. Is that how it works up here? You say hello to people without it being a prelude to ‘I need to get the train to Trenton can you spare five bucks?’ At the McDonalds, they told me to have a nice day as I was leaving. My first thought was: I already ate here, what more do they want from me? Then the realization: perhaps they just wanted me to have a nice day? I guess I should stop carrying around that screwdriver.

Oh, also, it’s colder than the devil’s breakfast out here.

That is all.


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