Toot Toot! Here Comes the Faux Pas Train!

I went to the university for the first time since the interview today. All of my paperwork seems to be in order, and I will get keys and cards and badges and permits and all sorts of stuff on tuesday. Fun side note: if you fill out important paperwork on your first night in a town that sells beer in the supermarkets, you’re at increased risk of listing your previous occupation as Culture Jammer. Just saying.

Anyway! They showed me my new office. First of all: WOO! I HAVE AN OFFICE! I managed not to say that when I first saw the place. If the office were an apartment in West Philadelphia, it’d be like $1000 a month in rent. There’s a Korean guy who’s going to show up next week, but still. At Drexel, we’d fit 10 people in an office like that.

I guess I’ve sold out. Which way to the tophat emporium?


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