First day of work

Today was my ‘first day’ of work. All that I really did was go to meet with my new boss, pick up some paperwork, and get some files off off one of the grad students. My boss took me out to sushi for lunch. Oh, Matsu Don, how I love thee.

What I didn’t love? That I apparently have zero social graces. Do I hold the door? Do I not? Do I put the napkin in my lap? Should I not have cleaned my teeth with the chopsticks at the end? Which curse words is one allowed to use in polite conversation?

I felt like I had me a lot more to say. Oh! I needed extra decoration, so I hung up some of my Moroccan maps. Every morning when I wake up, I’ll be eyeballing rampwan Mers Sultan. Maybe it’s a good idea. It looks neat, anyway.


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