Work and Videogame Problems

Friday, all of my paperwork came through at work. Well, almost all of it. I need to get a parking permit, sign up for health insurance, and go through two lab safety courses. But at least it’s all on the road now. I also got to see the lab space that I’ll be the manager of. There’s one well setup lab, and then one that seems to be more like a huge storage area. Plus, there are thousands of books down there. It looks like my OCD will be ut to constructive use arranging things.

So on non-work related subjects. I’ve been playing some videogames recently. Operation:Anchorage and The Pitt, the two expansions for Fallout III, were pretty disappointing. I mean, they were good, for the two hours each lasted. But whatever. I don’t think they were meant for high-level characters.

Point Lookout, on the other hand, ROCKS. I’m enjoying it almost as much as I enjoyed No One Lives Forever. I’m a few hours down, and it’s awesome. With one exception. It’s like a house on stilts, by which I mean it’s extremely unstable. When the framerate gets choppy, I know a crash is around the corner. Sometimes, if I stop, quicksave, and stare at the floor for a while, I can put it off. But it’s inevitable. And oh, how it crashes! Shit just locks up for dozens up dozens of minutes. Terrible!

I was really enjoying Half Life 2. It’s a much different style from Fallout, one I’d forgotten I’d liked. Anthony, that champion of gentlemen, sent me a copy of it. And it, too, was awesome. However, after showing some striders how we do it in the resistance, it crashed. Apparently, I killed a strider so hard my computer couldn’t handle it. And now, when I try and load it, it gives me some malarky about memory not being found. The entire thing won’t load. I have an idea to save it, but I’d have to start over. Sigh. Perhaps someday.

And that’s how I spend my time now.


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