Lab Cleaning

So, I’m taking over as lab manager, and since I don’t have my safety training yet, I’ve spent my time trying to tidy up around the lab. So far I’ve tossed out 6 garbage cans of old papers and equipment catalogues and whatnot. There’s also an Apple II and two huge, ancient printers. There’s probably… half a dumpster’s worth of old stuff in there that needs to get thrown out? And that’s from one lab. Thinking of the thousands of labs in this university, the thousands of universities in the country, and the hundreds of countries in the world, it boggles my mind. Seriously. First, it’s amazing to think of the world’s industrial capacity, putting all that stuff out. And it’s flabbergasting to think of how much of it is off to the dumpster. Seriously. Stultus sum.


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