Update about Revell!

The mean woman asked a guy to look into it for me. Today I got this:

“Since you did not specify a kit number we have no way of knowing which P61 Black Widow model you’re referring to. While instructions are being added to our website, the P61 has not been added at this time and is not in our PDF files.”

There then follows an exact duplicate of the email that the woman sent me. I guess it’s a form letter they send automatically when they get requests? If so, Revell, re-word that letter to sound less dickish. I don’t care if you want proof of purchase to send me a set of instructions. I care that you haven’t apologised for not including them in the first place. If I wanted someone to talk to me like I’m an asshole, I’d call my ex-girlfriend. Or go to the DMV. Or a Walmart.

Is there really such a huge market for duplicate copies of instructions anyway? How big of a burden could a request like this be? Do they get a lot of them? Are they, apparently, all fraudulent? And if you don’t have them in PDF format, how do you print the ones you include with the kit? Are the instructions inscribed in granite someplace? Perhaps they were hand-drawn and you have but one copy? That you apparently aren’t allowed to Xerox and mail on over here?

Oh. And for the record, one way to tell the kit number would be ask me, rather than telling me ‘there’s no way to know.’ Except that apparently your time is super valuable and you don’t need to, you know, be bothered servicing customers. Or be polite.

If I ever have an alternative to Revell, by lord I’ll buy that. I might start putting together model cars instead of model airplanes just so I don’t have to put up with this bullshit.



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