Premature Anticipation

Damn. I just watched some of the clips on AMC’s website. My excitement is somewhat dulled, now. In about ten seconds, I realized that a) I was right about them throwing some titties in, and b) there’s a scene where ‘Six’ has a grenade in his mouth as a punishment. I thought that was stupid when it was on Lost, and I still think it’s stupid. As far as the sex scenes, that’s not what the original The Prisoner was about. If you are angry that it didn’t have more love scenes, you might as well be angry it didn’t have more pirates. Or dinosaurs. Or zombies.

The one writer said “the original series is great, but that was 40 years ago! This is The Prisoner for today.” That’s a messed up sentiment. What’s great about The Prisoner is that the one from 40 years ago is just as relevant today as it was then. It is The Prisoner for today.

Also, someone said something about ‘focusing on the relationships’ in this iteration. In my opinion, there is one important relationship: Number Six and Number Two. Us vs. them. Opression vs. freedom. Conformity vs. individuality.

I want it to rock very much, and I’m not one of them fans that is going to claim everything about the original is a million times better just because it’s the original. I hold high hopes that it will be awesome. But, for sound philosophical reasons, I am very much jaded just from the previews.


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