Ginger Ale

As regards the last post, I watched the first two episodes of The Prisoner. They were pretty good, but when it comes right down to it, I didn’t feel like sitting and watching the same show for 2 straight hours three nights in a row. So don’t spoil the ending for me.

Anyway. I’ve been making ginger ale from scratch. Just water, sugar, ginger, and yeast. Alton Brown’s recipe makes 2 liters; I made it once in philly, and once here, and it turned out pretty good but never got as fizzy as I liked.

Yesterday I’m at the grocery store, and I see that the sell canning supplies. So I pick up some mason jars. 2 liters is enough for about 5 jars; so I made a batch of ginger ale, added raspberries to one, blackberries to another, mint to the third, cloves and cinnamon to the fourth, and I left the fifth as a control. Also, because I fubared my grater during the first batch, I added a strip of ginger to each one.

Overnight, every jar has become very fizzy. I think the 2 liter bucket I had before wasn’t quite airtight enough. But these are good. And the mason jars are small enough that I can keep them inside a stock pot, in case they explode.

The ginger ale with cinnamon and cloves is mocking me. The cinnamon has swollen, and there’s sort of a murkey look to it, but it is absolute solid tasty gold. I want to leave it another day just to see if it gets better, but it’s hard not to just drink it all down right now.


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