Stultus sum. I mean, my gast  has been flabbered.

All I ever hear from people in Michigan is how bad their winters are, haha, and how much snow were going to get, haha, and what an artic nightmare this place is haha. And they say it just like that. No matter what terrible thing they claim about Michigan winters, they sort of chuckle at the end of it.

Anyway, imagine my astonishment to learn that (at least) the city of Ann Arbor does not have its shit together as regards winter. Four days ago we were told it would snow. Then it snowed, and brought exactly what the weatherman claimed. But it did so slowly. 5 inches over the course of 12 hours or so.

So, when I left work it had already been snowing for 8 hours, I figured the roads would be at least in reasonable condition. Not so! There were two problems: the roads had been ‘sort of’ plowed, leaving a few inches of slush on the ground, and every other driver thought they were Mario Andretti. Seriously. Between work and my house, I saw the remains of two car crashes. Why didn’t the guy in the second one slow down after passing the first?

Anyway, I was supposed to drop off some stuff yesterday, but chose not to because the roads were so horrible. I got up early to do it today AND THE ROADS ARE STILL HORRIBLE. I saw a guy do 2 360s in a parking lot and get out smiling. I would have been upset that I was the kind of careless ass that ended up donig 360s, but whatever.

Everyone claims that Ann Arbor is the most amazing place on earth, but I am beginning to amass more and more evidence that my initial impression of it being a provincial backwater is accurate.


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