A visit!

My first batch of visitors, Anthony and Kathy, came last weekend. We got to go to some of the restaurants I’ve been wanting to try for a gazillion years. The Chinese place was sort of a let down – I convinced them to give us the ‘traditional’ menu, but when the food arrived, it was different from when I’d been there with some Chinese folks. I guess they toned it down for the white folks? We also found a great breakfast place, and while we were waiting for a table, I found a cast iron pan at the thrift store next door. The thing is awesome. Oh! We also went wandering the streets and found some good antique/thrift/junk stores.

You know how sometimes after a person shakes hands with their idol, they’ll say they never want to wash that hand again? I felt a little like that. We had a katsudon that was so tasty, I never wanted to use the bathroom ever again.

Finally, I’m getting grumpy with technology. Everything seems designed to sell me stuff, which I wouldn’t mind, but it’s all flimsy plastic junk. Or, stupid gimmicks that no reasonable person needs. I guess the blogs is a weird place to mention feeling that way, but whatever.


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