No Subject.

At work today, a guy had his radio tuned to an evangelical station. The disc jockey was talking about earth day. He wanted people to call in and give their opinion about earth day. So far so good. But, he asked, is earth day getting too out of hand? How do we react towards earth day, as Christians?

A woman called in and said that she was really worried, because her children were being taught nothing but the love of the earth in school. She started to explain that she was concerned that this was clearly a resurrection of the old Native American beliefs about worshiping the earth.

The host of the show cut her off before she could continue. The only word to describe what he did is “ejaculated”, though I hesitate to use such language. Anyway, he blurts out “EVERY HYBRID CAR WILL BE CONSUMED BY FIRE WHEN THE LORD DESTROYS THE EARTH AGAIN FOR OUR EVIL WAYS.” It was as though he had been waiting all week for that caller to lap dance the words out of him. The two of them chuckled.

I’m going to refrain from making a judgement on this. All I’m going to say is, no matter how great you are, no matter what you do with your life, no matter how fantastic of a human being you are, somewhere, someplace, there will be another equally intelligent person who thinks that driving a car that gets more than 8 miles per galllon means that the ghost of Sitting Bull is trying to rasie your children to build a tower in Babel.

Well. At least now I’ve shit my pants at work due to something besides a hangover.


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