The more things change…

I decided I’d take a shot at going to the Arab grocery store today. There’s a guy there that understand Moroccan, so we chat a bit, and when he asks me what I’m looking for, I figure, it’s a hot day, I might as well get a watermelon. I’ve been eating those things like crazy recently. So I tell him I want a din’djaal.

He comes back with one of the most god-awful looking things I’ve ever seen. It’s got black, rubbery skin. I think to myself, holy moley, Arab watermelons are freaking ridiculous looking. But I get it, and figure it’ll be an interesting experience, I mean, eating a black watermelon and all. The entire way home I’m excited I found such a ridiculously strange looking food.

Yeah. I looked it up after I cut into the thing. What I had asked for, and what he had given me, was an eggplant.


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