It’s like a romcom around here

I go down to get my laundry, and there’s a post-it note on dryer. It asks if I want to go get some coffee sometime. I’m skeptical at first, because this sort of thing only happens in movies starring Jennifer Aniston and Hugh whatever-his-name-is-the-one-that-picked-up-all-those-transvestite-hookers-that-time. Anyway, I leave a post it note that says “okay” and yesterday we go for coffee. I walk her to her door, because it’s the one next door to mine. She gets a funny look on her face, says “well, you certainly look good on paper” and she’s gone. I know what she means. “A tall handsome doctor, eh? Because, I’ve heard you lying on the floor singing the tendercrisp bacon cheddar ranch song before.”


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