New Job

When I was looking for a job last year, before I got the offer from Michigan, I applied for a research position at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). My application was rejected twice, but after my resume got a little beefier, I got offered a position. The irony is that I’ve been writing a grant application for my current job, and with the experience I’ve gotten from doing that, when I reread my NIST proposal I wasn’t impressed. I feel like if I had to re-write my proposal now, I’d really knock it out of the park.

My feelings are mixed. The NIST position has fabulous pay and benefits, and I would be doing research full time- not screwing around trying to return equipment schmucks swore was the right model when it arrives and turns out to be the wrong model. Uh, I had to do that friday. Specific, I know, but still. And NIST – I mean, for scientific research, that’s prestigious as all hell. I almost said “prestigious as balls” but apparently that doesn’t mean “very prestigious” in Michigan? They talk funny here.

Anyway, the reason I am conflicted with having this stunningly amazing job offer is that Ann Arbor is pretty sweet. I finally met some neighbors, and they’re fun. I started working the angle on a sweet dame, and that’ll come around. My apartment is nice, and I really enjoy what I do at work. Everything is finally turning up posi, and then it’s time to go.

I guess the idea of “go do a couple of postdocs in different places once you get your degree” didn’t really translate to “live like a hobo for a few years, never able to settle in, constantly on the move, with the future always up in the air.” Ah well. Ann Arbor, you were good times, but so long.

Plus, when I move to DC I’ll be able to come back to Philly on weekends, sometimes, for Dungeons and Dragons. And I guess seafood is cheaper there? Hell yes.


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