Okay, so there were two sweet things about Portland. First, everywhere you see a garbage can, there’s also a recycling can and a compost can. That’s all fine and well, but they also put effort into making sure every single freaking thing compostable. Seriously. The paper in the hamburger baskets, straws, soda cups, every single thing. The other sweet thing was that on the reciept, they listed the nutritional value of what you ate. Not, like, handing you an entire menu with every value listed for every meal. Just what you ordered, and then the calories, fat, sugar and all that. It seems like such an obvious, simple thing to be awesome. What can I say, I’m impressed by silly simple things.

I wish I could get a proper breakdown of the efficiency and value of the portland composting program, though. It seems like a good idea, but how do the numbers add up?


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