So, I stopped drinking Soda, more or less. I was a pretty avid consumer, but then someone pointed out that mineral water is a) cheaper, b) still fizzy, c) can get equally cold, and d) isn’t filled with caramel flavorants. So It’s been a week or two, and this new diet is having…. effects. Let’s just say my distribution center is shipping a lot of products. It’s like having a cold, except that I don’t feel sick, I just can’t unclog my nose.

Before you leap to your feet proclaiming that this is actually an effect from allergies, I would argue that I’ve never had allergies, and especially I’ve never had any allergy problems while I’m here in Michigan. So. I think that it’s soda withdrawl that is causing me to become the mucousiest man on earth.

Which makes the though of soda even more repugnant to me.


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