Glasses (beer and otherwise)

The homemade beer I put together using a kit my sister got me is finally ready. I’ve decided to call it Erdbebenbrau, which is German for Earthquake Beer. I called it that because it says in the booklet it ought to be 3.2 ABV, but if it is, I’m a tiny girl scout, because I’m only a litre into the batch, and I’m feeling the ground shake.

Anyway. I went to get new eyeglasses last night. There was an elderly Jewish optometrist, and two young ladies as his assistants. As I was trying on glasses, they kept saying flattering things, and I thought they were doing it to flatter me into buying a pair of fancy frames? At one point I tried on a pair of thick-rimmed glasses, and the one girl said I had a certain nerd chic “going on”. Before I could help myself, I told her she had terrible taste, since I look like the driver of a U-Haul filled with beard was hit by a bus from Fat City. There was an awkward pause there, and I got the impression that maybe they were just bored and trying to entertain themselves. Anyway, my head was too globular for almost all of the glasses in the place, and the whole thing reminded me of buying a car. I feel dirty and used now. Feh.


One Response to Glasses (beer and otherwise)

  1. Anthony says:

    My hero!

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