Buffalo Wings?

Shara and Dan came over to hang out on my place before filming today and then going back to Rabat. So we decided to go to the nicest Pizza Hut in the entire world. It turns out they have chicken wings! So I ordered ten.

First of all, the cut was really weird. Like, they were all drumsticks, but they all included the giant abductor muscle that makes the wings flap. Second, they were neon pink. Third, if those were chicken I’ve forgotten what chicken tastes like. I’m 99 percent sure they were little baby turkey wings.

But they came with genuine american BBQ sauce. And plus, half of eating wings is textural in nature, so all was well. WOO HOO!

Oh, PS, I guess all of the materials for my project arrived today. But WINGS! WOO!


One Response to Buffalo Wings?

  1. Ed Anderson says:

    Well if they’re Buffalo Wings who said they had to be chicken eh? How do you know they haven’t genetically modified loads of tiny wings onto a buffalo…

    Actually, doing that and then selling them as “Buffalo Wings” sounds like a hilarious, if likely unethical, idea. But I mean, if they can grow mice with a huge ear on their back… why not, says I?

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